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The opinions expressed in this site pertaining to recovery and treatment belong to the individual poster and are not indicative of the opinions nor are they endorsed by the staff, its principles, shareholders, its licensors, or affiliates. Comment and forum areas are reactively moderated, but there may be times when we are unable to remove objectionable content.

Medical Advice

The resources applied to this website should not be taken as medical advice. If you have specific questions regarding a condition, please talk to your physician. Medical and psychiatric emergencies must be dealt with through your healthcare provider or by dialing 911. If you feel you are suicide risk, please call 911 immediately.

The articles on the site are intended to be a general resource regarding issues of interest. These resources are intended to be helpful for those seeking treatment, but they do not purport to offer professional, medical, or psychiatric opinions and are no substitute for your healthcare provider.

In addition, this site provides information regarding specific treatment facilities, but we are unable to confirm the efficacy of any treatment center. Consequently, cannot be held accountable for any positive or negative experience that an individual has with these treatment centers. The user acknowledges that he or she uses the information contained within this website, at any of its licensors, or at any of its affiliates at his or her own risk, and that there may be information that some may consider offensive, explicit, incorrect, or outdated. While monitors content as and when possible, we cannot accept responsibility for any suggestions, opinions, advice, or advertising written by these writers. Users acknowledge that they are responsible for complying with all laws of their state, country, or region.

Offensive Material

Comments and posts on must follow the following content rules:

  • Do not offer medical or legal advice
  • Do not post content relating to illegal activities
  • Do not invite others to participate in financial schemes, including payment schemes, chain letters, or other matters involving money
  • Do not post sexually suggestive, racially offensive, abusive, or threatening language
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The moderator’s decision on what breaches these guidelines is final, and we expect guests to behave with courtesy and decency.

Links does not have control of the content of third-party sites, nor does it endorse the organizations associated with these links. This website cannot review or moderate these sites and cannot be held responsible for them. Information about these third-party sites are obtained from sources believed to be reliable and accurate; however, due to the possibility of human or mechanical error, any errors or omissions are not our responsibility.

There is no warranty or guarantee relating to the content on our sites, and use of this content is at the user’s own risk. It is up to the user to determine the usefulness and relevancy of the content.


The images contained within the site are purchased, and any individuals within these images are models and do not have any association with any addiction or condition.


The explicit written permission of is required for the reproduction, copying, or storing in any digital or printed medium apart from personal use for materials owned by The Third-party content is covered by the respective owner’s terms of service – please contact the respective content owner for use of third-party materials. All trademarks, trade names, and service marks are copyrighted to their respective owners and organizations.

TOS Agreement

By viewing and/or using this website, I confirm that I understand and acknowledge the above terms and conditions and I agree that I understand them. I also understand that the website is able to make changes to its website, its policies, and its rules with no notice.

I acknowledge that the use of this website is at my own risk and that the information contained within is not a substitute for professional advice regarding my circumstances and/or health. I also acknowledge that I cannot hold the accountable for any lost profits, lost opportunities, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages whatsoever even if has been advised of the possibility of such damages. I acknowledge that explicitly denies any express, implied, or statutory warranties of any kind to myself or a third party.

The limitations expressed may not apply if your state or country does not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or liabilities for incidental or consequential damages. Any clause of this terms of service document that has been declared invalid does not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining terms.

These terms of service are governed by the laws of California and may only be amended in a document signed by

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By continuing to use the site, you affirm that you accept these terms and conditions of use and you accept the waiver of liability on the part of

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